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Welcome the Dade County (MO) Genealogical Society

This page is designed to help persons desiring to conduct genealogy research Dade County and the surrounding area.


The Dade County Library in Greenfield houses the main research room for the Genealogical Society and is open to the public six days a week.  Library hours are 8:30 - 5:00, M-W and Friday, 8:30 - 6:00 on Thursday and 8:30-12:00 on Saturday.  If you need help with your research while visiting the research room the librarian will call a society member volunteer to come and assist you at no cost other than for photocopies, books, etc.


The Genealogical Society has over 2,500 books and resources available for you!!

Page Added: December 7, 2006

A new page with photos from the Meinert and Lockwood Communities has been added.  There are three photos with severl people being identified. Names include:  Caldwell, Christner, Crow, Davis, Harris, Hirsey?, Farris, Leek, McCaleb, Rallman, Schwartz, Spain, Watson, Workman. Use the Locwood/Meinert tab at the top of the page to view the photos.

I received the following message from DCGS President Betty Nelson about a wonderful donation received.  Please read:

 The family of Pauline Carrier donated all her Genealogy Records to the Society. Their is a world of information on the southwest area of the county. She has a scrapbook of the 1939 Class of Lockwood High School including a photo of the Graduating class all identified then many photo's of the class reunions and of events during her school years. Then obits of the class and other obits from the area. When she read a cemetery she tried to do a family sheet of the person and added information she researched. We will inventory everything then make it available for researchers. Also we got a family bible yesterday that begins the John Holmes marriage to Harriet Gould in 1822 in N.Y. The last entry the death of Mary J. Brown Holmes at Waverly Ill. Oct 7th 1912. All births, marriages and deaths of thes family are listed. We do not know the connection with Dade Co. yet. Might have someone be able to identify this family. Betty 


Due to a broken leg on November 13, 2005, all progress was stopped on this page.  I was unable to sit at my computer and enter data.  I am now up and running and will try to finish all data.

If you need cemetery directions, the veterans list or publications please email me at and I will answer all queries privately until the information is available.

There is an exciting new link for Missouri Death Certificates:  go to to start your search.  You can view certificates from 1910 - 1923 and can order copies from 1910 - 1955.  It is a wonderful page and list all the information you could want on death certificates for Missouri.  This a major break through for researchers of Missouri ancestory.

8th Grade Graduation:  Thursday, May 16, 1935

Invocation - Rev. Tom Proctor

Salutatory - Loren Scott

Trio - Joe Rex Horton, Bernard Casada, harold Young

Class History - Junior Kyle

Class Prophecy - Yvonne Zimmer

Class Will - Joe Rex Horton

Valedictory - Marjorie King

Presentation of Diplomas - H. N. McCall

Benediction - Rev. Tom Proctor

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Did your family attend the Greenfield Public School?

Greenfield Elemtary School sits on property that has been home to the school since before the Civil War.