Cemetery Directions

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Directions to Dade County Cemeteries

Use your browser to do a search.  Hit Edit, then Find, and then type in the first main word of the cemetery you are looking for.  Unfortunately I am unable to get this site to support a lot of text.  Therefore, you may e-mail me directly for directions to the cemeteries that you need.  I will keep working to solve the problem and hopefully will have all the directions on the site soon.  Thank you for your patience.

List of Cemeteries in Dade County

Dade County Cemetery List with Directions:

The following are names of cemeteries found in various Dade Co. records. Many have been read and the information is available in the Genealogy Room located in the library in Greenfield, MO. Several have been read are available for sale. Many were moved by the Corp of Engineers when the Stockton Lake was developed. Information of them can be found in the Dept. of the Army Final Relocation Report available in the Genealogy Room. Photos from some of the older cemeteries are in the records. There is a Master List of all Cemeteries and all information known about them is recorded. Directions are given as recorded in the past or as corrected as the roads changed through the years. Several are on private property and access may be difficult. Please note that all known names for a cemetery are listed and that there are several cemeteries with the same names in different townships. We have some old maps that show the location of the cemetery and size of the cemetery. If you have any information on cemeteries that have not been read or found please share with us.

Cemetery Directions:

Cedar Township: Amos-Bug Scuffle, Bethlehem+, Cedarville, Maple Grove, Original Cedarville*, Unidentified*. Unidentified*

Center Township: Anderson Family, Carr’s Chapel, Clark Family, Greenfield, Greenfield #2 (was moved to Greenfield at ground was too wet), Indian Burial Mound, Johnson (also know at Bald Knob with no burials), King (No road to it.), Lack Family, Lasiter Family (was listed as in Section 9 Ernest Township but there is no Section (in Ernest), Malicoate, Pauper Cemetery on Conservation Land (grave unmarked), Pickett Family, Scott (on government land), Self, Seybert (Inundated, moved to Vaughn), Stockton*, Unidentified*, Unidentified*, Weir, Wetzel, Young/McLemore (gate locked, private property), Vaughn

Ernest Township: Collins, Messick, Unidentified*


Dudenville, Kistler/Greenwood, Meinert/Zion Evangelical, Teagarden, Unknown*

Lockwood Township: Finley, Lockwood, Lockwood Luthern

Marion Township: Edgar/Covenater, Pippenger/New Bethel, Shaw/Horse Creek, Worthen

North Township:

Acord/Achord, Arcola #2/Arcola City (no access), Campbell/Montgomery/Maberry (government land), Hickory Grove/Arcola, Old Crisp*, Pleasant Grove/Old Baptist, Thompson, Underwood

North Morgan: Asbell, Bona, Cave Springs*, Chee/Lindley/Perkins (unable to find in 2004), Davis/Blair, Hailey Family, Hudson/Fox/Langford, Long, Mitchell/Neill/Thompson (on conservation land), Morris, Routh Chapel, Unidentified*, Unidentified*, Unidentified*, White

Pilgrim Twonship:

Friend/Pilgrim/Mt. Pleasant, McGullough (Cyrus Weir burial site), Payne/Carr Family/Yocum/Yoakum

Polk Township:

Brame, Brown Family Cemetery, Buchanan, Cantrell Family/Fairview (no sign and not seen from road)+, Carlock/Drisdale/Fanning, Comet, Downing (moved to Rock Prairie), Hampton/Pleasant Ridge+, Indian Burial Mound, Liberty, Pemberton/Pimberton+, Ross-Darmsteader (beside Carlock Cemetery), Stockton Family, Unidentified*, Unidentified*, Unidentified*, Wheeler

Rock Prairie Township:

Brown Family Plot, Bryan/Bryon, Grove/Sinking Creek, Downing (in southeast corner of Liberty Cemetery), Liberty/Baptist+, Ray Springs

Sac Township:

Bald Mound/Jennings, Black*, Bush/Flint Hill+, Crisp (moved to Vaughn Cemetery), Cozat/Hobbs, Dicu/Dikus (appears to be same locations Fox Cemetery, moved by the Corp of Engineers) Duncan #1 (moved to Vaughn), Duncan #2 (moved to Vaughn), Fanning (Moved to Vaughn), Friend/Divine/Devine/Mt. Zion #1, Fox (moved to Vaughn), Fullington, Hayes/Rose/Woody/Hay (deed says James Woody is buried on this site)+, Johnson-Glenn (many field rocks and only a few stones), Rowland (moved to Vaughn Cemetery), Seybert (moved to Vaughn), Shaw (on government land), Unidentified*, Unidentified*

Smith Township:

Bowles a/k/a Priddy, Indian Burial Mound*, Kings Point+, Merrick, Mt. Zion #2/Preston, Unidentified (? Black)*, Unidentified (? Paris)*, Unidentified*

South Township:

Antioch+, Bishop, Cox*, Gamble/Gambil/Gambill, Hopper, Pennsboro+, Shiloh+

South Morgan:

Corry+, Dadeville Masonic, Dodson, Dunnaway, Dunnaway Slave, Family Cemetery (in private yard), Indian Burial Mound*), King Farm – William King (stone propped against a tree in front yard of home), Logan, Lovelady, McConnell Family, Mt. Etna*, Mt. Pisgah/Pisgah, Rice, Speight, Unidentified*,

Washington Cemetery:

Daughtery, Davidson/Spain, Miller, Morris, Ragsdale, Unidentified*

Cemeteries moved by the Dept. of the Army 1966 – Photo’s prior to moving and relocated and other information can be found in Relocation by Dept. of Army – 1966. Most graves moved to Vaughn Cemetery, Downing to Liberty and a few graves to cemeteries of families choice.


Dade County: Crisp, Downing, Duncan #1, Duncan #2, Fanning, Fox, Roland, Seybert, and Thornton.

Cedar County: Miller, Mullen-Cooper.

The Cemetery Committee of Dade Co. Genealogical Society are trying to update the Master List of Cemeteries, locate those not previously found and update those not read in the past or read several years ago. We are also updating the list of where the Veterans are buried in Dade Co. If you have a list of what cemetery a veteran is buried in please share it with us.

If you know the location of the following cemeteries, please share it with us. Darless, Denny, Oldham, Own, Watson, Enon, Gentry, Hopkins, Mt. Nebo, Pearson, and Wells.

The following cemeteries are not read or not available ion the Genealogical Room:

South Morgan Township: Logan

Smith Township: Merrick, Bowles and Paris

Ernest Township: Messick

Washington Township: Bluff and Morris

Sac Township: Black, Hobbs/Cozat, Dicus

Polk Township: Brown Family, Comet

South Township: Hopper

Center Township: Lasaiter Family, Stockton

Marion Township: Shaw

(There is a Stockton family in Polk Township and Brown Family in Rock Prairie that have been read.)

We do not have locations of “unnamed” cemeteries in Cedar, Center, Dade, Ernest, North, North Morgan and Polk Townships.

If you have any information please contact Betty Nelson c/o Dade County Genealogical Society, Box 155, Greenfield, MO 65661-9155 or leave a message at the Greenfield Public Library or email us at dadegenealogy@yahoo.com

* no information, + with church,




Amos - Bug Shuffle

Go west from Greenfield on 160 to Lockwood.  Turn north on 97 hwy. to E Hwy.  Turn left [west] onto E and go to the first dirt road [approx 1 mile], turn right [north] and go 1 mile.  Turn left [west] and go one mile.  Cemetery is on the north side of the road.  [have deed 1890]



Go west from Greenfield on 160 to Lockwood.  Turn north on 97 Hwy. to E Hwy.  Turn left [west] on E go to the 1st dirt road [approx 1 mile].  Turn right [north.], go 1 mile.  Turn left [west] go 1 mile, cemetery is on the north side of the road.  [have deed 1890]



Go west from Greenfield to Lockwood.  Go north on 97 to Cedarville, turn south on Farm Road 51 about 1 mile turn left [east] in lane.  Cemetery is on the north side of the road in pasture.  [Carrie Property]

Maple Grove:  Go west of Greenfield on 160 past Lockwood to D hwy.  Turn North Rt. about 6-7 miles to the cemetery on the West side of the Rd.  It is fenced.  [Just south of Sylvania, Deed 1960-1991.
Original Cederville, S 26 T 33 R 28
Unidentified S 27 T 33 R 28
Unidentified S 27 T 32 R 28
Anderson Family:  From Greenfield go East on 160 to "O" hwy.  Turn right [south] on "O" for about 1 ¾ miles.  Turn left [east] on dirt road. 
Carr's Chapel:  From Greenfield go east on 160 Hwy to "O" hwy.  Cemetery is on the ease side of the hwy.  Road to cemetery is in the middle of the curve.  [Deed 1890, 1952]
Clark Family:  In Greenfield on 160 at BB hwy. Go west on BB hwy to 1st curve follow road west to first road go north on farm road 102, [it curves], 
follow approx 2 1/2 miles to cemetery - north side of the road on James Polston place [in 1979].