Query Form

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Please copy the form and paste it into a word document.  Print, fill out and mail your query to DCGS where your query will be investigated.

Use this template for any additional information you need such as products, pictures, fan clubs, links or just more information. Custom pages can be used for any kind of content and are a great way to add information to your site.

Query Form

Date _____________


INSTRUCTIONS:  Decide which ancestor or relative you want to be the subject of your query.  Fill in every blank that you can. He/She should have lived in Dade Co., MO during at least part of their life.  Place names of parents, spouse(s), siblings and children in the spaces provided,.  If you do not know a name, date or place, don’t worry about it.  Put a question mark in front of information that is speculation.  Put  ca.  in front of dates that are estimates.  If you want to include more information about a parent, sibling or child, fill out a separate form for them.


YOUR NAME: ___________________  MEMBER:  YES: _____ NO: _____

ADDRSS: ______________________________________________________

CITY: _________________  STATE:  ___________  ZIP+4: _____________

Seeking info about __________________, born _________________

                               (Subjects Name)                          (d/m/y)


in _______________________; died ____________ in __________________.

            (Location)                                   (d/m/y)             (Location)


Child of ______________________, (________________________________) and

                (Father’s Name)                          (Father’s bth. & dth. Yrs.)


_____________________________, (________________________________).

(Mother’s name & maiden name)               (Mother’s bth. & dth. Yrs.)


Subject married on ____________________, in ________________________

                                    (d/m/y)                                     (Location)


to ______________________________, born on _______________________

            (Spouse’s name)                                                         (d/m/y)


in ______________________________; died __________________________

                        (Location)                                                       (d/m/y)


in ______________________________.



Subjects Brothers & Sisters: _______________________________________________________________________


Subjects Children: ________________________________________________________________________Places of residence in Dade County: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Additional Information: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________List additional spouses with similar info on reverse side or fill out another Query Form.

Dade County records you have already checked:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________SEND THIS FROM TO:

Dade County Genealogical Society

P.O. Box 155

Greenfield, MO 65661-0155