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Below are some photos that happened in the Lockwood and Meinert area.

Below is a brief history of the Meinert Community and its founding.  A detailed discription can be found in the Meinert Cemetery book published by the Dade County Genelaogical Society.  The book may be purchased for $11.00 + 2.50 shipping and handling.

Luthern Church Group - Minert, Missouri About 1898

The information below the picture states, "The Photograph was in Lockwood 1898 - 1904, Shinkle - Artist".


Meintert Chruch History:  "In 1882 many German imigrant families, who had first settle in Illinois, began a migration into Dade County, Missouri.  A group of eleven families settle in an area six to seven miles southwest of Lockwood.  Among this group was Mr. Fred Meinter who purchased land, then seeing the need for a "store" closer than Lockwood, he established and operated a general merchandise store.  The store and location became know as Meinert...On October 14, 1898 [sic 1878?], this gourp of settlers oprganized the Zion Luthern Church.  A church building was erected for worship and for their school and was dedicated in the Spring of 1884.  After a time a "school house" was built and the Zion Cemetery was platted just north of the church.  The first burial there was Emma Meinert 1881 - 1882, infant daugher of Mr. and Mrs. Meinert." (DCGS, 2005, p.26)


Some of the people:  2nd row rom bottom about center of photo in suit w/beard, Louis Swartz, on his right 2nd wife, on his left daughter Marie Frediricka Whilhelmia??? (Swartz) McCaleb, Samuel Arthur McCaleb (on her lap), Arthur Addison McCaleb (born 1897), Mr. William Schwartz, William Schwartz (on lap born in 1901, Louie Schwartz, Charles Swartz. 

Ladies Group

Names taken from back of photo:


Back Row:  Minnie allman, Mrs. Perry Crow, Lula Spain, Mrs Ruy (sp) Hisey (sp), Mrs. Louie Christner, Emma Farris (Pharris), Edith Farris, Grandma Leek, Bernice Zaff/Zaph, Mrs. Jackie Davis, Aunt Fannie Harris?, Mrs. John Crow, Mrs. J. Q. Workman, Mrs alta Caldwell, Allie Watson.

Lockwood Eighth Grade 1912

A list of graduates are found in an article dated May 24, 1912 in the Lockwood Luminary, (information forth coming).

Do you have old photos from Lockwood or Meintert?

If you do and would like to share them please e-mail me at dadegenealogy@yahoo.com.