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If you are planning on visiting Dade County, give yourself a day or two at least...

Below is a list of all the publications available in the Dade County Genealogical Society's research room.  The list alphabetical and is divided by county, etc.  Use the search option under edit and type in the word for phrase that you are lookin for. 

NOTE:  There are resources from nearly every county in Missouri as well as other states.  The research room is outstanding and you will most likely find something in your research but you need to plan to spend time there.



This book contains the inventory of the Genealogy Room.


Contents: Atlas’ These are located on the south west shelves. Check County and State sheets. Some will                                 be with county or state.

                Black Studies- these are located on the bottom shelf - north wall. Also check Counties,                                                    States and Glass Cabinet sheets.

                Cemeteries- check County, State lists.

                Churches- check Counties,  States and Glass Cabinet sheets.

                Counties- In Alphabet order Most on West shelves-- All but Dade found on  south shelves. Also                                        check Atlas ,History and Military/Civil War Sheets for Counties and State info.                                              [oversized books will be on Atlas and History shelf -south west shelves.] 

                Family Books- Check Dade County Sheets. Will be found on South Shelves west of Window.

                Family files- will be found in office. Ask for help.

                Glass Cabinet- Has old books or books are out of print. Check State, County Sheets- ask for                                                    assistance to view these.

                History- Check States, Counties, Glass Cabinet and History sheets.

                Native Americans/Indians- Check Indian , State and County sheets. Most books will be on                                   North shelf, bottom shelf.

                Microfische- Will be found in Office.- Ask for help.

                Microfilms-  Dade County Sheets . Reels will be found on south side of room. There are other                                                     area’s than Dade Co. on there shelves.

                Military/Civil War-Check State, County and Military/Civil War Sheets. Will be found on                                                                                the top shelf south west wall.

                Miscellanious- Check Sheets. Will be found on Bottom Shelf -North Wall.

                Newsletter- Check sheets County and States . Most will be located  in the office. Ask for help.

                Newspapers- on Microfilm on south west shelves.

                Research- Check Research Sheet. Books will be found on the 2 lower shelves south west corner                                                                 of room.

                Schools- Check Glass Cabinet, State and County sheets. Dade Co. School Books on 2nd shelf far                                            south west shelves

                States-   In alphabet order on north shelves. Check sheets for books available.

                Telephone Directories- Several books from various years and areas. Check County sheets .                                                  Some will be found in office. Ask for help.

                New Books will be on the 3rd  shelf- south west shelves. They will be displayed for about a month                      then put on appropriate shelf.


                List of books available for sale posted in Office and in Genealogy Room.